20GB of Web & Email Hosting for only $5/month

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Mobius Hosting provides reliable & cost effective Web Hosting using the widely adopted cPanel control panel. We do not overload our servers and aim to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

We love to keep things simple, so we only have one web hosting plan – $5/month for 20GB of web hosting space.

Our hosting plan comes with batteries included, and that means you will get a full featured hosting plan, including tons of space for emails &files, plenty of MySQL databases and more.

We are the same people that have been running XP-Dev.com for the past few years, and based on the lessons we’ve learnt, we have built the infrastructure around Mobius Hosting to be reliable and cost effective.

Features (all included!)

Web Hosting

Host PHP, Perl, CGI, Ruby (RoR)
websites & web apps, including securing them over SSL

Database Platform

MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin

Email Hosting

SMTP, POP, IMAP and Webmail email access Spam protection from SpamAssassin & support for
email filters and mailing lists

File Storage

Access and share your files using WebDAV, FTP, SFTP or SCP

Hosting Tools

Inclusive of DNS, Secure Shell & Crontabs

Control Panel

cPanel – industry’s most widely used control panel for web and email hosting

Data Security

All servers are monitored, firewalled,
kept up to date with security patches & backed-up nightly (offsite)


You can contact us via email or phone to get help at anytime

All of this for only $5/month – bundled into 20GB of space Sign up today!

Use the promotion code 2014041STMTHOFF to get your first month of hosting free

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