Mobius Hosting

We’re Exentrique Solutions Ltd and this is our new service for general Email, DNS and Web Hosting. Our platform is based on (probably) the most popular web hosting control panel, cPanel.

As a start, you can sign up for any one of our web hosting plans which start from only $5/month. What you will get is a hosting account that allows you to host your domain’s website and emails. Our platform supports most languages (PHP, Perl, Python) and offers MySQL databases. You can access your email over POP, IMAP or even our webmail interface – this means you can access your emails everywhere, including your smart phones (iPhone, Android, etc).

We’ve built the infrastructure behind this service based on our experience in running for the past few years. As with, we care about your data’s integrity and security while having a keen focus on performance.

We’ll be posting updates to our services here, including some exciting introductory offers and discounts. Do follow our blog, Twitter account @MobiusHosting or Facebook page (MobiusHosting) for these updates.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or queries.