Email Hosting

Mobius Hosting provides full featured Email Hosting platform that offers:

  • Ample amount of space – 20GB
  • Plenty of mailboxes – 100
  • Spam filtering
  • Push Email
  • Rules and Filters
  • Webmail access
  • Secure IMAP, SMTP, POP access

All for a very low cost price of $5/month only!

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Push Email Hosting

On top of regular access to your email using IMAP, POP and SMTP, you will be able to get “push email” to your Mail applications, whether on your desktop, smartphones or tablets. We are able to offer this as our email hosting platform supports IMAP-IDLE

Webmail Access

If you do not have a Mail application, you can use one of the pre-installed Webmail clients. All you need to access your email over the internet is just a regular web browser. Out of the box, each mailbox can be accessed either via Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail.

Email Filtering

Organise your incoming email into folders in your Mailbox. With our email hosting offering, you can create email filters to help organize your Inbox. You can create filters based on who sent the email, the subject of the email and even based on the content of the email itself.


You can be assured that we at Mobius Hosting perform nightly offsite backups. Additionally, you can create your own backups and download them through our control panel.

Spam Filtering

Our email hosting offering has in-built spam filtering to help curb spam. We use the industry standard SpamAssassin to filter out spam. The way SpamAssassin works is to statistically analyze your incoming email against other known spam emails to gauge how closely they resemble each other. To add to your Mailboxes’s spam filtering, you can even create your own email filters to organize incoming email.

Additional Features – Email Forwarding and Auto-responders

Additionally, each mailbox can be configured with email filtering, forwarding and even auto-responders. Email filtering is extremely powerful for improved mailbox organisation and handing of incoming mail.

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